Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Download Showbox for Windows 10 PC

Showbox is the most favorite online video streaming app for android device users as it has the largest collection of movies, TV shows, music videos and other video contents with them. The app has been exclusively launched for android users and at present Showbox has been working to release other version of their app that can be installed on iOS and other devices. With its wide popularity among android users, many people requested them to make Showbox for PC users a possible one. With higher demand, the Showbox for Windows 10 computer or laptop users have been made possible. Showbox for PC download links are not available at the moment as EXE file format, yet, one can still install the app and watch their favorite movies and video contents by making use of emulators like BlueStacks and ARC Welder. These emulators shall help you to download shwobox for pc windows 10 and for other versions of Windows operating systems that are widely used by many people from all over the world.

How to download showbox for windows 10?

Showbox for Windows 10

All you need to do to install this app to your Windows 10 operating system is by getting emulators like Bluestack or ARC Welder. The process to install them is explained below:

Downloading the app through ARC Welder:

You need to have Google Chrome browser installed to your PC to download the app to them. Installing Google Chrome web browser takes less than a minute. After installing the browser, open them up to visit the official web portal of Showbox. You can easily find ARC Welder download links from the official web portal. Download them and open them up, you will be notified with ‘Add to Chrome’ notification. Enable them and then visit the Apps section from your Google Chrome web browser. Find out ARW Welder from the apps section, open them up to choose the directory to install the Showbox app through them. 

Download Showbox for Windows 10

Once you have chosen the destination folder, you need to visit back the official web portal to find showbox download for windows 10 apk file from them. The official web portal has the latest apk file that has various new features and bugs fixed in them. 

After downloading them, open up ARC Welder within your Chrome web browser. Click upon ‘Add your APK’ option and choose over the folder where you have downloaded the apk file from the official website with. 

After selecting them, the installation process happens and Showbox app gets installed among other apps within your Chrome web browser. You can launch the app by visiting the browsers and then look out for them under Apps section. Now you are ready to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and other popular video contents straight from your PC through Showbox app.

Downloading the app through Bluestacks:

Bluestacks is one among the famous emulators that lets PC users to download and install their favorite android apps straight to their Personal computer. Visit the official web portal of Showbox to download and install BlueStacks for Windows from them.

After installing Bluestacks to your PC, you need to download the latest apk file to your PC. After downloading the latest apk file from the official web portal of Showbox, you need to right click the downloaded file and select ‘Open with Bluestacks APK installer’. 

This command shall open up Bluestacks, where you can find Show Box icon present in the home screen. Click upon them to open up the Showbox app within them. Now you are ready to stream your favorite videos straight from your PC. 

The advantage about installing Showbox app through Bluestacks is that, one can easily load them from the Bluestacks app, without having the need to open up a browser and then search for Show Box app in them. If you are thinking about how to download showbox on my laptop, then you can follow the above mentioned methods that shall work like charm for both PC and Laptop Windows users.

Best apps like showbox for PC

There are tons of online video streaming apps available for PC users, yet, Showbox app is the perfect one as it not only has the largest collection of video contents with them, it’s known to be a bug and ad free one. The show box alternatives for pc users shall never be a competitive one with Show Box as they are known for being unique in terms of user interface and for introducing new features with every other apk files that are released on their official web portal. 

Every other apk file that is released on Show box’s official website shall fix many bugs and errors, which the users might not even noticed before with. This type of fixing the bugs and by providing the best video streaming option to its users, the Show box is the best video streaming app for your windows running PC and laptop.


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